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Nick Martin
1903 Bonita Ave #2
Berkeley, CA 94704

Professional Objective

To design and implement interesting and worthwhile systems.

Core Abilities

Technical Skills

Employment History

Square Products Corporation2007 - 2010San Francisco, CA
Conceived and developed a novel social music listening application. Designed and implemented an innovative real time streaming peer to peer network (patent pending), including NAT-busting technology and user-space TCP stack with advanced congestion control. Worked on all components of the system, including cross-platform (Mac/Windows/Linux/iPhone) GUI in C++, real-time AJAX/COMET web app in Ruby on Rails, and backend in C++ with PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, Python and more. Deployed production service on Amazon EC2.

Vanu Inc.2003 - 2007Cambridge, MA
Member of Technical Staff
Lead team to design and implement Software Defined Radio toolkit for research institutions. Wrote Linux device driver for high speed PCI RF interface. Modeled RF propagation and optimized network layout for wireless back-haul for cellular base-stations (patent pending). Maintained and improved commercially deployed GSM cellular infrastructure.

Technology Education Research Center2002Cambridge, MA
Lead Developer: Tracks
Developed and shipped a commercially available educational game for PalmOS

MIT Information Systems2000 - 2003Cambridge, MA
Athena Server Operations Watchmaker
System administration for Project Athena, MIT's distributed computing environment.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology1999 - 2003Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering.
Overall GPA: 4.6 / 5.0
Subjects: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming (6.001), Signals and Systems (6.003), Computation Structures (6.004), Analog Design Laboratory (6.101), Digital Systems Laboratory (6.111), Microcomputer Project Laboratory (6.115), Modeling, Dynamics, and Control (2.003, 2.004), Feedback Systems (6.302), Design and Manufacturing (2.007), Differential Equations (18.03).

Lick-Wilmerding High School1995 - 1999San Francisco, CA
Overall GPA: 4.1 / 4.0 (Weighted)

Other Interests

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